I always like mountains

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I always like mountains. Hours and squats in the deep mountains of the Greater Xing'an Mountains Newport Cigarettes. There were so many animals at that time, wild boars, scorpions, hamadas, black bears, rabbits and pheasants all over the mountains. Later, when I went to school, I had to leave the mountains. After work, as long as there is a chance to go out, everyone will discuss the whereabouts, and most of the opinions are consistent: Shanli. Three or five friends, driving a dilapidated Grand Cherokee in the barren hills is a wild pleasure. Wild boars and scorpions can often be found in hunting. The wild boar is a beast and needs 12 points to be careful. The scorpion is another matter. They all say that the Northeasters are stupid big, and the scorpions are stupid than the stupid big ones, so they are rewarded every time. Before we go, we will first run a hunting license. In this year, we must study the cost of doing anything, and violate the Forest Protection Law Parliament Cigarettes. Although there are friends who can care for each other, it is not a glorious thing. When I was at school, the teacher said that law-abiding is the lowest-cost social behavior. The place where I often go is the Xiaoxing'anling forest area near Yichun, and then the Wanda Mountains near Baoqing. As for the Shitai Mountain National Forest Park in Qitaihe, the conditions are good and the roads are close. However, due to the presence of wild Amur tigers in the Dongning line, it has been classified as a protected area. The wild boar is a ration for tigers. food. This winter, a few friends were eager to move and invited to Yichun. Pick a weekend and set off. One day, only a few pheasants were hit, and the roots of the legs were not seen. The friend was angry and said what happened this time. Did the animals also have a holiday and went to the south to spend the weekend? Live on the mountain, don't go back. Everyone is happy: this way down the mountain is indeed shameful and disappointing, forget it, set up the tent, stay for one night, add some wild interest. At night, it snowed. It was not big at the beginning, but it started to wind up, and the snow flew all over the sky. It was spectacular. Through the window, but see the sky is black, the mountains and trees are black, only the ground, white dazzling, always bright to the distant mountains. I and Lao Zhang are going to go out and walk, others sleep like dead dogs, and they don��t move. When I went out, I had a chill, and the snow swept over my face, hard and cold. Set up, see the few real dogs brought, hiding under the car, seeing us out, shaking their tails, and kneeling down to death. We walked along the hillside and wandered around the mountain corner. We saw a mountain of people, a lonely house, a small window, and a dim light, flashing. Moving on, faintly heard a whistle of flutter, in the silent snowy night, the dream is not true Marlboro Cigarettes. After more than two hours in the snow, both hands and face were up and numb. I am preparing to turn, the old Zhang yells at me: look, scorpion! Really, two scorpions, standing in the snow not far from the house. I took the gun off my shoulder and opened the insurance. Lao Zhang was anxious. He had a few steps on the side of the cat's waist and found a way to avoid the direction of the house and fired a gun. The tree is too dense and the wind is too big. The two scorpions shrugged up and shook their eyes, and the door disappeared in a blink of an eye. A strong man shook hands with one hand and held the shovel in one hand and looked out. We walked into the light beam of the flashlight and made it clear to the family. The man invited us to go in. As soon as I entered the room, the heat wave came over, a cup of hot water and a warm stomach. Say goodbye to the owner, refused to send, we returned to the snow. Going out not far, subconsciously looking back, I saw the two shadows just now, and I was close to the house. Only this time, the bigger one is a little farther away, and the smaller shadow is almost back to the original place. In the house, the sound of the long flute was heard, very melodious, and the rhythm of the bamboo seemed to penetrate the snow. I think of Chen Yue's "Red". Although the sound of the flute is far less brilliant Marlboro Lights. The snow flutters and the snow shines almost transparent. I stood still. Lao Zhang raised his gun and put it down again, standing quietly. At this moment, the heavens and the earth are peaceful. Only the sound of the flute, infiltrated in the silver night. Since then, I and Lao Zhang have never participated in hunting.
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