My name is Chai Jing

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My name is Chai Jing, the matchwood, the quiet quiet. This is the first time I saw Chai Jing on TV. She introduced herself to the audience, with short hair, a pair of eyes full of wisdom and book, not counting On the beautiful eye, there is only a calm beauty, clear eyes, people will become soft from the heart, Chai Jing gives people the feeling is not the beauty of publicity, but a direct force to the heart. She is presiding When I saw "The News 1+1", there was a sharp point in the peace. The blog "Seeing" written by Chai Jing, I read it many times, the writing is beautiful, the taste is read, it is a kind of enjoyment. Beauty is talented, God really cares about Chai Jing. Once I saw such a picture, Chai Jing sat in the middle of a group of old people in the mountains, behind a big old man withI was so narrow-minded that I was a narrow-minded person Marlboro Gold. I was also a person who didn��t like to make jokes. Someone said something that stimulated me a little. I will turn my face right away, so not many people are willing to approach me. I have been entangled in whether I need to actively and honestly communicate with others Parliament Cigarettes, I don't know. It is said that the man is a big man, and the attitude is very important. Why did I come here, but I was instinctively unwilling to show it, but always exposed my ugly side. In general, getting along with classmates, they are all letting me. Not because of what I am, but because I don��t want to care about it. To be honest, I have a clear right and wrong in my heart. I don't want to obey. I think I have my own ideas and I have different views from others. In the eyes of others, my thoughts are ridiculous and simply unspeakable. My thoughts are a wonderful work in the ideological world, abandoned in a corner. Perhaps, I need to have a confidant to soothe my lonely heart to wipe the dust of my heart; perhaps, I need a "Bole" to discover my thoughts and discover my potential consciousness. And I, I have been walking in the lost desert, from time to time there are signs in front of me, flaunting my route. I believe it is corr a towel on his head, a smile full of face, behind the There was a bundle of sorghum poles in the adobe room, and a small wooden bench was placed in front of them. A five-year-old boy squatted on the wooden bench and leaned his head and talked with Chai Jing. Chai Jing smiled softly, holding his hands Knee, lean over and talk to the child, It can be seen that the radiance of the woman who came out of the heart from Chai Jing, she was sitting there as an angel, the surrounding adobe house, the old man's wrinkled face, and the child, all of which became bright and warm because of her existence. I also saw a picture of Chai Jing��s reading at home, wearing a long skirt, a black sweater, holding a magazine, so casually sitting on the wooden floor, barefoot, and a few green flowers on the balcony behind him. It looks cute and cute Cigarettes For Sale. A Persian cat squats beside Chai Jing and squints at the eyes. At this time, Chai Jing has a lazy atmosphere and has the purity of the girl next door. Bacon said: "The woman who reads is the most beautiful" The woman who reads a book is like a glass of wine, can be fine, does not feel strong. Recently, the news of seeing Chai Jing is a picture of a loving girl after Chai Jing's birth. Chai Jing wears a low pressure. The lady's hat is surrounded by a red scarf and her chest is tightly held by a very tightly wrapped baby. This is probably a photo taken by a reporter at the airport exit Online Cigarettes. At this time, Chai Jing is not shining, nor is it. Many fans, her eyes Only my own child, only anxiously looking forward to the car's eyes, this time she is not a talented woman Chai Jing, she is the mother Chai Jing, the last photo is very warm, every woman plays in different stages of life The different roles of Chai Jing's "Chai" are the firewood-like warmth at this time Newport 100S, the taste of life that is mixed with oil and salt. "Seeing" Chai Jing, I saw a landscape of life.
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