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"Humility makes people progress, pride makes people backward" is a saying that we often say. In life, modesty makes people inevitable. There are always too many people who think that they have reached a saturation state without thinking of progress. Can only stay on the spot and be caught up by those behind. Leave a gap for yourself and leave a little space for development. In this way, you can continue to progress continuously. The famous painter Qi Baishi once saw one of his disciples Zhang painted well and borrowed from his disciples to copy. His disciples were very surprised. Qi Baishi said: "Although I am your teacher, you are not necessarily worse than me. "After listening to his disciples, he respected the teacher's modest attitude. Just like the" disciples said "," disciples don't have to be good at teachers ", everyone has advantages and disadvantages, even great men, there are The inevitable shortcomings are like Qi Baishi. He does not feel superior because he is a famous painter, nor is he proud of himself. On the contrary, he copied his disciples ��paintings, showing that Qi Baishi ��s love for painting and his humble learning attitude, It is this attitude that leaves himself with a gap, that Qi Baishi's paintings will be handed down to the present and praised by people. During the Red Army Long March, Zhu De wrote a poem praising the Red Army's spirit of not being afraid of hard work. There were several shortcomings in it. After listening to Zhu De, he humbly consulted Chairman Mao and hoped he could help revise it. After Chairman Mao made the correction, he showed Zhu De. After watching Zhu De, he repeatedly praised it and thought that it was much better than the original. Commander-in-Chief Zhu De, who led the Red Army through 150,000 miles, still has a humble attitude and made corrections in a timely manner, and he humbly consulted the guidance of others to make his own writing The ability has been improved. Similarly, Zhu De also cherishes this modest attitude of leaving a gap for himself, in order to continuously improve and perfect himself. No one is perfect, no one can achieve true perfection. Self-righteous things, Attitude to people will only make you step backwards. Do n��t think you are in a saturated state, so you will never make progress. Leave a little space for your development, a gap, and let your energy continue to learn new knowledge. Happy but not good? -Great men can achieve an attitude of learning with humility, not to mention ordinary people? Isn't it just to leave a gap for yourself to make up for the deficiencies of others' strengths? In each learning process In the middle, all leave room for improvement. Over time, we can make greater progress. Modesty makes people progress, we have to leave a gap for ourselves, and a little space for progress. Learn to be modest in writing 800 words 2_Confidence and Modesty and self-confidence is a kind of attitude that modern people should have. On the other hand, it is self-confidence, that is, believe in ourselves. We should believe in ourselves, even if you do n��t even own yourself Believe, what else can you trust in this world? Only when you believe in yourself can you build confidence in success and achieve success. Many people are not self-confident because of inferiority complex, they think they are not good, they have given up hope Then, can we expect hope from others? So I think believing that I am the cornerstone of success. But this does not mean that we can refuse to listen to others. "Go your own way and let others talk!" "Although it sounds very chic, but no one can really do it. Of course, we should stick to our beliefs and not be disturbed by outsiders. But when others are sincerely making suggestions to you, I think we should accept them with humility . "Full damages Cigarettes For Sale, benefit from moderation" means that excessive self-confidence will incur losses, and humbly accepting the opinions of others will be a benefit, which requires us to learn how to properly handle the relationship between trusting ourselves and listening to others. Believe in yourself Do not blindly and confidently, accept others' opinions humbly and not blindly obey. You must fully understand and understand yourself, know your abilities and strengths, fully believe in yourself in terms of being able to be confident and good, but not understand In areas where you do n��t understand well, properly listen to others ��opinions and make correct judgments based on your own thoughts. The road of life is very long, and the progress is covered with thorns. We always face a turning point again and again. How to take each step requires us to make our own choice. No one can help us, we must rely on ourselves We must believe that every step we take is correct and go on without regret. "People who often ask for directions will not get lost". We can't rely on others, but we can ask others' opinions and find the best way. In the process of growing up, we have gradually understood how to believe in ourselves. Just as we listen to other people ��s well-intentioned suggestions Newport Cigarettes, we walk our own path and accept the rational corrections of others. The road no longer seems to be rugged. All people are the same as those who doubt everyone. "We are against extreme ideas, and we also have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Recognize your position and ideas correctly, think carefully about the opinions of others, combine believing yourself with listening to others' opinions, and be cautious and decisive, take every step of your life firmly, not far away Will see the rainbow
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