The darkness swept the

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The darkness swept the earth, and the mother of the moon came out to play with the diamond-like stars and children, enjoying the beauty of the night together. The sky seemed like a mysterious splash painting, embellishing the summer night with such a romantic beauty. The arrival of the night urged people to return home, and the street lights on the sidewalk also lighted up one by one. They stood upright on the street as if they were loyal guards, protecting the safety of pedestrians, and guiding people on their way home. I like to enjoy the happy moment when the whole family gets together for dinner on a summer night. Our three sisters are scrambling to talk about the interesting things happening in the school. They always make everyone laugh, and then a cold watermelon comes after dinner. The watermelon is wearing a green dress, the fruit inside is full, and the cool taste immediately flows into the Wuzhang Temple when it is bitten, and the summer heat disappears, which is really a great enjoyment on earth! So the laughter on the dining table continued, accompanied by the rumbling of the air conditioner, which made Xia Ye look very lively. On summer nights, I was impressed by the ability to stay on the mountain. During the summer vacation, considerate parents will always arrange to stay in the mountains to experience different mountain forest life. Because there is less light damage on the mountain, the stars on the mountain look particularly bright and cute. Looking up at the sky, you can see the twinkling stars shining everywhere, as bright as jewels, people can not help but stop to appreciate. In addition, the lively fireflies are not to be outdone, carrying small lanterns and flying around, as if they are hospitable elves in the forest, are welcoming us, as long as you calm down and listen to the sound of nature, the wind and sand will blow the grass , Like shaking the bell, accompaniment to the cricket violin player; the grass gently shakes the baton, and the frog ��chirps�� with a tenor, and a melodious ��nocturne�� envelopes the entire summer night In poetry, what is the trouble at this time? What is frustration? All were thrown out of Jiu Xiaoyun. In the summer night, we can go outside to enjoy the cool breeze Marlboro Cigarettes, enjoy the free air-conditioning Cigarettes For Sale, or enjoy the scenery outdoors, talk about the world, watch the stars, study the summer triangle, eat bright watermelons in our mouths, listen to the music of nature ... ��, Xia Ye is so attractive, as long as you feel it carefully Online Cigarettes, you can know its beauty, I love Xia Ye! how about you?
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