Hong and I hugge

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Hong and I hugged each other in the garden by the street Cigarettes For Sale, and remained motionless, letting time flow away slowly from my side. Feeling filled with happiness in my heart, I have no other life in this life, and the evening of early summer is not very hot. A breeze blows through, and there seems to be some coolness. I hugged her tighter. I thought I should do something, and tried to kiss her face. She felt my intention, hugged me hard, and made a negative voice, making my movement impossible. I don't dare to push our feelings too fast. I gave up further thoughts and contentedly hugged for a while. At last we slowly loosed each other Newport 100S, she trimmed her hair and said we should go back. I said okay, so we took a taxi and took her downstairs, and I dropped her off again. After I said goodbye to each other, I returned to the taxi and went back to work as usual the next day. I still met as usual. She, she didn't look at me more than usual, it was still calm and usual, and it seemed to me more indifferent than before. This made me uneasy. After thinking about it, I was at a loss, and immediately adjusted my state. It must not affect my work. I controlled myself to stop thinking about her, as much as I used to go to work, as if nothing had happened last night, and finally got to noon for dinner. The idea of ??suppression occupied my mind more strongly, and I urgently needed her I got an answer there, good or bad, I can't stand the speculation without a certain. But she seemed to be guarding me, always with other colleagues, so I couldn't ask our privacy questions. I took a chance Parliament Cigarettes, ran to her, opened up a female colleague beside her, and asked her why you ignored me? She looked up at me innocently and said no, something strange appeared in her eyes, it seemed To cover up, she hurriedly lowered her head and continued to pack her things. I didn't know what to say, I was there. She whispered, "Let's go, don't stand here, someone will watch it." I walk away. During the noon break, I let myself have a good time. At work time in the afternoon, I quickly adjusted myself as if nothing had happened. I worked hard with a little exaggeration and didn't let myself think about her again. She persisted until after work in the afternoon and she left quickly, I didn't find any chance. I do n��t know how I got back to the rental house. I was thinking about her with my mind. Did she have no idea at all and I was all passionate? Is it just because she drank too much alcohol last night? I Worried.
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