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n the afternoon, we will return to the dormitory (rental house). The next door Xiao Wang said, let's go out and eat noodles. Both Wang and I are northerners and like to eat pasta. In this southern city, I usually eat more rice. Whenever we get a chance, we will always go to the northern noodle shop to have a meal. Xiao Wang is a talkative person, with interesting topics constantly on the way. I was temporarily relieved from my unexplained worries about Hong and entered into his topic. I talked and laughed with him, and became happy. He suddenly mentioned Hong. My heart hung up immediately, paying attention to every word he said. Both Xiao Wang and Hong are old employees of this company. I am new here and know too little. I just wish to go out with them, and suddenly I feel too naive. Hong originally had a boyfriend in this company, but then the man resigned. The company has stipulated that it is not allowed to fall in love within the company. Thoughtful male and female employees are sneaky. To a certain extent, either both leave or one of the two will go. Xiao Wang said that Hong ��s boyfriend had been with Hong for some time since he resigned, and later he fell in love with him, and he was gone, I heard here, and thought of Hong ��s usual performance and what Hong and I said Some words, I think I seem to understand Hong a lot. She was usually so quiet and even indifferent that she must have been stimulated by a broken heart Parliament Cigarettes. She and I tasted it, and it must be that she hasn't come out of the shadow of being in love. Hong's thoughts and fears, contradictory words and deeds bothered me; Xiao Wang's analysis of the Tao made me suddenly more cheerful. What should I do next? I asked Xiao Wang and sincerely promised me the meal. Xiao Wang said that if she wanted to escape, you should alienate her for a few days and give her a space so that she can calmly think about it. When she thinks about it clearly, let go of the past, and you can communicate with each other. You can't chase after him, that will only scare her away. Really listen to the words of Jun, better than reading ten years. With Xiao Wang as my staff counselor, I suddenly felt confident that I would win this battle. I asked with concern if Xiao Wang had any objects. Xiao Wang changed his state of continuous flow. It was embarrassing to say that I had no objects yet. I had talked about one and had already divided Cigarettes Online. People are fond of a rich local. I said, can you take her back? Let me help you, we help each other.

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