During the summer vacation

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During the summer vacation, my father gave me a book. As soon as I got it, I was attracted by the girl on the cover: she had long blond hair, her eyes gazed into the distance, her eyes were deep and full of ardent hope. The most fascinating thing is her smiling smile, she smiled so sweetly, so happy, so drunk, as if she had never been troubled and troubled. I immediately put it down! The book is called "Harvard Road", and the girl on the cover is the main character, Liz. Liss was born in a slum in New York. Although her parents are taking drugs, she still loves them. She spent her childhood with drugs, her mother's AIDS and hunger. She was sent to a girl's home because she was ridiculed by her classmates for being reluctant to go to school. At the age of 15, Liz did her best to keep the family from breaking down. She started to live on the street. Only in the subway can she sleep in the night. But while Liz was living on the street, her mother died of HIV infection, Lis was deeply touched Newport 100S, and she decided to change her life and return to high school. Liz studied in the streets. She completed the four-year course in two years, and finally admitted to Harvard University. After reading this book, I couldn't calm down for a long time. I firmly believe that Lith already knew that besides her life, there was a bright and wonderful world, but she was almost forever isolated from that world Marlboro Lights. I also believe that for Liss, once the light of hope goes out, the life moment becomes a darkness. Let's delve deeper and think about it, Lisi is a optimistic and cheerful, bears heavy load, perseverance, and dares to fight against fate. When her parents took drugs to anesthetize herself and forget the tragic childhood, she didn't say anything, because she understood them, so she chose to smile; when she lived on the street and had no food or clothing, she chose to laugh away; others laughed at primary school When she did, she chose to smile! Shouldn't we primary school students and young people really think about it? Do you live worse than her? How much is your effort different from hers? Ask yourself: Have you tried your best? Setbacks and adversity are not trivial to use, they are also part of life. In fact, as long as the belief is not lost, as long as the dream is still there Carton Of Cigarettes, we will have strength, and we will not stop and move on. Norman Vincent Yole of the United States said: "Adversity either makes a person greater or makes him smaller. Difficulties never make people stay the same." Actually, we have never been like Liss. There is no way back, so we lack courage and strength. Lisi leaned out of her predicament with a smile, more precisely, she climbed out of the abyss and bathed in soft spring light! And how have we young people really worked hard? We are all ordinary people, but we can make our lives extraordinary, so please smile to the sun and "kill" a path of your own life! Regardless of your identity, life can really have meaning only when we give it meaning. With that said, I remembered myself as a kid. When I was young, my mother took me to the south suburbs to play the balance beam suspension bridge. I saw that other children were playing like a fish, and they also crossed the suspension bridge. As a result, when I just stepped up, I fell into a "dog mud" because I didn't grasp it properly and did not master the skills. , I was terrified, sitting on the floor, wow crying. In retrospect, I feel that "life is really so grim. If you don't seek to overcome difficulties, difficulties will swallow you up. Fate is in your own hands, and you will seek the dreams in your heart with a smile.
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