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The writer San Mao's words always reflect his deep thoughts on life in his sensibility. Just like in this "Dumb Slave", what you feel between the words of martyrdom is the roar in San Mao's heart-an inequality of human nature. This grief, after I read it, kept beating and hitting my heart. Dumb slave is a black slave that San Mao accidentally met in the Sahara desert. The locals are very disdainful of the slaves, and in the subconscious, how to insult and blame them is too much. At this time, San Mao appeared, and her arrival gave Dumb Slave a new hope. With the help of San Mao, the dumb slave broke away from the old loneliness and had a new yearning for the future. Although a dumb slave, he was very knowledgeable and clever. But with a lot of fate, Mute Slave's life is doomed to be full of ups and downs, because of his ingenuity in the heart eventually led to him being trafficked into the distance. San Mao wanted to save him, but he had enough energy and was inadequate, so he had to watch the dumb slave's brushes leaving San Mao with tears of remorse, firm and soft. In her delicate writing description, the dumb slave is not as good as the message conveyed in his gesture of San Mao: "Although my body is not free, my heart is free." He yearns for One day, one can get rid of the shackles of racial discrimination, and people can treat each other with equal eyes. It is a pity that in the life of the dumb slave, there is no possibility of peaks and turns, only to be trapped in the shackles of the psychological, lonely and old. And when he was getting older, he remembered the past, and when he thought about his friendship with San Mao, he should be extremely relieved-in middle age, there was such a friend who understood me, once took care of me, and I could also take care of her Helping each other. Even if my strength is so small, I can only help her family solve some life difficulties, but I am already satisfied. At least, there are people willing to accept my help; at least, I can use my hands to bring joy to others. In the process of getting along with her, I accepted alms-it was her love to me. For the first time, someone let me know that people can get along with each other without even a gap, or even a few simple gestures, and the other person can understand me tacitly Newport 100S.
Savoring this article carefully, in fact San Mao helped the dumb slaves to regain their dignity. Although the skin color of the slave could not be changed, although he could only live in slavery and abuse by others Marlboro Cigarettes, he had the warmth of his family and the friendship of San Mao in his life. When there is nothing they can do, give them a warmth and an understanding Cigarettes For Sale. They will keep a gratitude in their hearts forever, and run forward with happiness.
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