On that day, the setting sun was lik

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On that day, the setting sun was like blood. The autumn wind blows off the residual leaves. When I was in kindergarten, living at my grandparents' home, my grandfather was very harsh on me, and my grandma always smiled and pampered my waywardness. There is no homework in kindergarten, and grandpa will use this time to teach me literacy. Grandpa is a language teacher. He used to teach for the first half of his life. After retirement, he put hope dogs on me, hoping I was a little bit prosperous. The autumn breeze also carries summer heat, which is a little hot. My mood is also the same. At first I know these strange Chinese characters, and I can't concentrate. Although Grandpa taught me patiently, after all, I was still young and had no sense of learning at all, so I was impatient to play with my hands while I ignored Grandpa, and he slipped away. I know for sure that even if Grandpa is tougher, he won't scold me and force me to do anything Marlboro Cigarettes. But I also learned a lot of new words under the strict discipline of my grandpa. Grandpa hurts me and he will try to meet my requirements. It's late autumn, and Grandpa's body has also deteriorated. I often hear thunder coughing when playing with babysitters and grandma. The worst time was when Grandpa was eating, he choked, kept coughing, his face flushed red, and it was scary. Later, I didn't know what method my grandma used to restore my grandpa to normal. I'm in first grade. Grandpa is stubborn and wants to send me away from home. When he arrived at school, Grandpa also left. When he left, his back shivering due to a cough, stood upright in the backlight. I can't forget the tall back in the sunset. I can't keep it, the old man goes away. My little friend and I were talking and smiling. Suddenly, a sudden slap, I fell into a puddle by the road. I was soaked and ran back home, my father looked at me fiercely. When he saw me, he shouted loudly, "Let you be careful, you don't listen. I have an urgent matter, I don't have time to manage you, change my clothes, do you hear me?" My father ignored me and left without looking back, leaving a back view. The cold wind blew into my heart, and the back was so cold that it was like a cold wind, blowing into my heart. This father is so indifferent! Thinking of Zhu Ziqing's "Back", and then remembering the back in Wu Guanzhong's "Father's Love", a strong sadness came to my heart. Suddenly, there was a ringing phone in the room. One time, it was Dad: "Have you changed your clothes?" I complained a few words, and then hung up the phone. After a while, the phone rang again and was picked up again by my father. I was annoyed and shouted at the phone: "I see! Annoying?" There was a pause for a while on the phone, and then a burst of busy sounds came out of the phone, and I couldn't help thinking of "Lonely boat wandering, fishing alone" "Snow Jiang" Dong sighs. Although Bayu does not snow, but loneliness and sadness are not inferior to it. I was sitting in a daze, and suddenly there was a sudden knock on the door. It opened, and it was my father! He was out of breath, out of breath, and although it was a severe winter, he had a lot of beans and sweat on his head. He saw that I hadn't changed my clothes. Although he was angry Marlboro Gold, he was too tired to scold. He could only say to me in a calm tone, "Change your clothes, don't catch a cold." After urging me to change my clothes, he finally let go Come and leave again. Time seems to condense at this moment. In front of him is the back of a father. The father seems a little embarrassed, although it seems to be a bit vicissitudes because he just spent too much energy Cigarettes Online. Recalling the back of Zhu Ziqing's father's obesity, the back in his mind is particularly obvious, and it will never be destroyed! Looking out the window, the world is still cold, but a warm current and a mundane back surge in my heart, which defeated the cold wind outside the house.

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RE: On that day, the setting sun was lik

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