Follow my left hand and

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Follow my left hand and right hand in a slow motion replay, right hand and left hand in slow motion replay ... "With the sound of the alarm bell, I also got up. After I got up, I looked at my phone, ah! Today is actually February 5! Isn't it? I'll be home soon. I hurriedly ate breakfast and set off for the station with my brother. In front of the ticket window at the station, the traffic was crowded with people, and I could only stare aside. Fortunately, my brother's eyes were very fast Parliament Cigarettes, and he suddenly came to a window where he had just started working, and quickly asked me to line up together. Soon, it was our turn. The ticket sales aunt asked us to show our documents Cheap Cigarettes. I touched my trouser bag and found that I did not bring a citizen card And said, "Brother, that's bad! I did not bring a citizen card. The aunt listened to me and said, "Then go back and get it! I answered, "I'm in my hometown, not in Hangzhou. She said, "Oh! Go to the station police station and get a temporary ID card! Hurry up, or you won't be able to catch up with the car. My brother Limara ran to the police station with my hand. There, my brother asked for my ID number, and I immediately answered it. However, my brother was impatient and mistakenly wrote "182" as "126". Time passed minute by minute, and the note was soaked with the elder brother's sweat. He had to replace it with a rewrite. Looking at his anxious look, I couldn't help but shed tears of the size of beans .After I completed the temporary ID card, I finally bought the ticket and was ready to get on the bus. During the check, my brother took a sigh of relief and took a spit of water and said to me, "Don't forget to call me when you get home. Also have to play during the summer vacation! "I nodded and promised him. The moment I got on the bus, I looked back at my brother, and watched him rush away. The clear liquid was flowing out of my eyes silently again. Just as the car drove As soon as I got out of the station, there was a light rain outside the car, and it gradually grew from small to large-just like my mood Cigarettes For Sale, just like this, I once again shed gold-like tears. The journey on the car was very painful, like an hour One year later, when the car drove to Fuyang, my brother called me, and I asked him with a choked tone: "Brother, what are you doing? My brother replied anxiously, "You haven't taken your hat!" "I was shocked, and then said," It doesn't matter, I will definitely take it during the summer vacation! " My brother said, "Oh! Don't forget to call me when you get home. "I said," You can rest assured, I must not forget! "So there was no voice from the other end of the phone, and he hung up. I wiped my tears with both hands and said to myself:" It's okay, I want to be strong! I can live without my brother! "I looked out the window, and the rain was sparse, and it stopped. Now, as long as I get up, I don't see the impatient brother. There will always be a feeling of emptiness. Rest assured, brother! I will come back to play with you again At this time, the alarm bell rang again in my heart.
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