Rule changed in 1941(photo: District

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. Dominique Wilkins Jersey . The Minor Penalty Shot - Rule changed in 1941(photo: District Sports Page)Goalies have it pretty rough. Before the exclusion of the spin-o-rama play, most rule changes certainly werent made with a goalies best interest in mind. Smaller pads, bigger net, the dreaded trapezoid. But at least they can be thankful that the minor penalty shot rule from 1941 no longer exists. A shot which was awarded to an opposing team if a goalie committed a minor delay of game infraction.What is a minor penalty shot? The shooter was granted an open shot at the goalie from 28 feet out. Think a free kick in soccer without the wall. The shooter could skate up to the puck for their shot, so long as they didnt pass the line when they fired the puck. Brian Rolston may have wanted to lobby for reinstating this rule before his retirement.4. Goalies Cant Freeze The Puck - 1929(photo: City of Toronto Archives)There was a rule change that stated that goalies could not freeze the puck, and if they did it would result in a faceoff 10 feet away from the goal. And heres the kicker, during the faceoff, no player except for the goalie was allowed to be between the faceoff circle and the goal line. Thats right, if a goalie froze the puck, the ensuing faceoff would have all the players north of the faceoff circle except for the guy taking the faceoff and the goalie. Incredible! 3. Allowing Forward Passes - Rule Changed in 1929(photo: What Culture)This ones the rule that essentially changed everything. Hockey transformed from a bizzaro game of rugby, to the fast paced, higher scoring sport that is today. Youve got to think a rule like this caused a higher amount of offsides calls with the number of attackers trying to position themselves behind the puck. Not to mention the difficulty of correctly calling such a rule, considering the speed of play. You thought the flying V was useless before? Imagine how inffective it wouldve been with the predictability of knowing the puck had to be continuously passed backward. We gotta say, whoever originally came up with the idea of disallowing forward passes must have been a special type of Cake Eater. Tough, but fair title.2. Stand-Up Goalies Eliminated - Rule Changed in 1917(photo: SB Nation)In 1917, the rule that penalized a goalie for dropping to the ground was removed. Yes, this does indeed mean that prior to 1917, anytime a goalie dropped to the butterfly, his team received a minor penalty. Imagine how significant this rule change was and how the "hockey purists" must have been in quite the uproar. "How is anyone supposed to score with the goalies dropping to their knees like that? Youre ruining the game!" 1. Player Not Allowed to Use Goal-tending Equipment When Replacing Goalie - Rule Changed in 1937(photo: YouTube) Nowadays if a goalie commits any sort of penalty below a game misconduct, they still have the luxury of remaining on the ice and having one of their teammates serve the two to five minutes for them. However, before the 1941 season, this was not the case. If a goalie did the crime, he served the time.So what, right? You might be saying, thats what a backup goalies for. Well, before 1937, it was a position player who was tasked with replacing the penalized goalie and heres the kicker; the substitutes werent allowed to borrow any of the goal-tending equipment. No leg pads, no blocker, no glove, not even the stick. If that rule had still existed in up until 90s, wed have to wager that any team featuring Ron Hextall in net would be the most scored against in the league by a healthy sum. Josh Smith Jersey . After losing Brett Cecil to groin tightness on Friday, the Blue Jays watched as R. Spud Webb Jersey . The Maple Leafs may not have had a pick until the third round, but they have made the biggest move of the second day of the Draft, dealing defenceman Carl Gunnarsson and a fourth-round pick in the draft to the St. . And it showed Thursday night. The Canadiens, playing in their second game in as many days, however, got a good performance in the end from their backup goaltender as he filled in for an injured Olympic gold medallist .PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Phillies and left-hander Antonio Bastardo have agreed to a $2 million, one-year deal, avoiding arbitration. Bastardo was 3-2 with a 2.32 ERA and two saves in 48 relief appearances last year before he was suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball in the Biogenesis drug case. Bastardo had asked for $2.5 million

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