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Two weeks ago and 21 witnesses later, the prosecution rested its case against Oscar Pistorius. Now with the trial resuming, Pistorius lawyers get their chance to call witnesses and present their side of the story. Led by seasoned criminal defence lawyer Barry Roux, the Pistorius defence team will go on the offensive as its tries to convince the Court that Pistorius acted reasonably when he fired four fatal shots through a bathroom door killing Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius has stated he believed Steenkamp was an intruder when he killed her. The prosecution is arguing that it was no accident: Pistorius intended to kill Steenkamp. So the defence team will look to discredit the prosecutions evidence. Here are some of the things that will be the focus of the Pistorius defence. The Couple: Were They Arguing That Night? Pistorius alleges that the room was pitch dark that night. As a result, he had no way of knowing that while he was retrieving two fans from the balcony, Steenkamp had left the bed to go to the bathroom. This is a key component of Pistorius defence and for that reason the prosecution vigorously sought to discredit it at the outset of the trial. They called a number of witnesses, including Michelle Burger, Charl Johnson, Dr. Johan Stipp and Estelle van der Merwe, who testified that the lights were on and they heard arguing and screaming. Stipp recounted that he heard female screams that sounded like a woman "scared out of her mind." Burger described female screams as "petrifying" and added this: "I was sitting in bed and I heard her screams," Burger testified. "She screamed terribly and she yelled for help. I heard the screams again. It was worse. It was more intense. Just after her screams, I heard four shots. Four gun-shots... You could hear it was blood curdling screams. You cant translate it into words. The anxiousness in her voice, and fear. It leaves you cold. She screamed terribly and she yelled for help". The defence team will call other neighbours who will say that they did not hear screams that night or the couple arguing. The Couple: Did The Go To Bed At 10pm? According to Pistorius, the couple was in bed by 10pm. However, pathologist Professor Gert Saayman testified that food found in Steenkamps stomach suggests she ate within two hours of her death shortly after 3am. The defence has already sought to discredit this testimony when they called pathologist Professor Jan Botha as the first witness. He testified that it was difficult to determine with any certainty when Steenkamp ate that night. Of course, the arguing and screaming would also undermine Pistorius version of an early bedtime. The Shooting According to Ballistics Expert Captain Christian Mangena, Steenkamp was facing the door when she was shot (rather than with her side facing the door). The first shot hit her in the right hip. The shot broke her hip and threw her back onto a magazine holder. She then assumed a defensive position by crossing her arms over her head. The second shot missed but broke into fragments and bruised her back. The third shot hit her in the right arm, which in the opinion of the expert, supports the conclusion she was shielding herself from fire. The fourth shot hit her in the head killing her almost instantly. The prosecution would argue that this evidence establishes that Steenkamp was in the bathroom hiding from Pistorius when she was shot. If she had simply gone to the bathroom, it would have been more likely that she would not have been facing the door as she was. Mangena also testified that there was likely a pause between the first and second shot. This is important because it would explain the petrified screams of Steenkamp heard by neighbours. When it was put to Mangena by Roux that the four shots could have been fired in rapid succession with no time for screams, he responded that it was unlikely given the location of Steenkamps wounds. Mangena reasoned that if the four shots were fired in rapid succession, her first two wounds would have been in similar locations. They were not: one was in the hip and the other in the arm. The defence team will call its own ballistic experts to tell a different story. The goal will be to undermine the prosecutions position that Steenkamp was hiding in the bathroom from an enraged Pistorius. Did Pistorius Sleep On The Left Side Of The Bed? Pistorius told police he slept on the left side of the bed that night because of a bad shoulder. According to ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor, Pistorius typically slept on the right side of the bed. As well, Steenkamps overnight bag and shoes were neatly placed on the left side of the bed raising questions as to who slept where. Why is this important? Pistorius gun holster was on the left side of the bed. If Steenkamp had been sleeping on the left side of the bed, then it would have been more likely he would have noticed she was not in the bed when he retrieved his gun. Pistorius Was A Volatile, Jealous Man With An Affinity For Guns The prosecution has painted a picture of Pistorius as a volatile and jealous man who loved guns and was trigger happy. As well, in response to Pistorius accusing Steenkamp of flirting with another man, she sent him the following text two weeks before she was killed: "Im scared of you sometimes and how you snap at me and how you will react to me". As well, Taylor testified that after being pulled over for speeding, Pistorius recklessly fired his gun through the sunroof. In addition, both Kevin Lerena and Adam Fresco testified that Pistorius fired a gun in a crowded restaurant hitting Lerena in the foot. Pistorius then asked Darren Fresco to take the blame. The defence team will argue that Pistorius is not gun-crazed. Rather, as a double amputee in a violent South African culture with a high crime rate, he feels more vulnerable and his reaction to the sounds in the bathroom that night were completely reasonably. The defence will also look to focus on a botched police investigation complete with contaminated evidence. Overall, there are a number of improbabilities with Pistorius story and the defence team has no choice but to work hard to discredit the prosecutions case. However, the hurdles Pistorius is facing are significant. Perhaps each piece of evidence against Pistorius when viewed discreetly and in isolation is insufficient to result in a conviction. However, when viewed in their totality they do conspire to tell a story of a domestic dispute turned tragic. As a result, it would not be a surprise to see Pistorius convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years in jail. Randy Moss Vikings Jersey . Colorado came up big against Chicago last spring, and repeated that performance Tuesday night. Varlamov stopped 36 shots and Paul Stastny had a goal and an assist for the Avalanche in a 5-1 victory over the Blackhawks. Daniel Carlson Jersey .Y. - Brooklyn Nets centre Brook Lopez has a strained lower back and will miss at least a week. Bozak and Clarkson suffered the injuries in pre-training camp workouts, according to Carlyle, who said they made "small amounts of improvement" from Friday to Saturday. After the players were deemed less than 100 per cent by doctors after Thursdays medical testing, the Leafs held them out of on-ice testing and are being cautious. Randy Moss Jersey . The Goldeyes (10-7) lost 4-1 to the Saltdogs (8-9) Sunday afternoon before 5,834 sizzling fans at Shaw Park. The loss drops Winnipegs record to 3-4 during this past weeks seven-game homestand. Mike Remmers Vikings Jersey . The 17-year-old had four goals and four assists in 38 games for Liberec in the Czech pro league this past season. Zacha had three goals and two assists in seven games at the world mens under-18 championship in April when the Czech Republic took the silver medal.EDMONTON -- Its been eight seasons since the Edmonton Oilers last made the NHL playoffs, so coach Dallas Eakins wasnt talking much about expectations when the players reported for medicals on Thursday. Instead he was focusing on the "process." While he and most of the players were quietly expressing optimism that the team is much improved over last season, Eakins said he wanted the team to "be modest. "We want to have no regrets for the past and no anxieties for the future," he said. "Its what are we doing today and thats it. "Its all about the process. How are we going to get better today? What did I do today to get better and did I gain any respect today? Thats how we want to go after it and everything else looks after itself." At the same time he admitted the club is excited about the off-season changes and the adjustments to his coaching staff. Gone are assistants Steve Smith and Kelly Buchberger, replaced by Craig Ramsay and Keith Acton. The team added some much needed size with the addition of veteran forwards Kevin Westgarth, Teddy Purcell and Benoit Pouliot. All three stand six-foot-three or taller. "Were not going to come in and save the day but I think were going to addo there will be some baikita Nikitin from Columbus and Keith Aulie from Tampa Bay to support returning veterans Jeff Petry, Andrew Ference and Justin Schultz. Expected to battle for spots on the backend will be David Musil, Martin Marincin, who played 44 games in Edmonton last year, Oscar Kiefbom, who had 17 games with the Oilers, and perhaps Darnell Nurse, the teams first-round draft pick two years ago. "Obviously were going to have some battles on defence," Eakins said. "Were upgraded our D with what I call full-time NHL defencemen so there will be some battles going on there." Theres also gooing to battles down the middle.dddddddddddd Ryan Nugent-Hopkins should be their No. 1 centre but the rest of the spots are up for grabs. "We have two NHL centremen right now (Nugent-Hopkins and Boyd Gordon)and I have no idea who the other ones will be," Eakins said. "And there will be a spot or two open on the wing." Goaltending was also an issue last season after Devan Dubnyk couldnt handle the starting job. The Oilers have eight goaltenders in camp, but between them theres only 55 games of NHL experience, 40 of that by Ben Scrivens. Obtained late last season, Scrivens and Viktor Fasth, who had five starts in Anaheim and seven in Edmonton, should shoulder the load in net. "I expect those two to push each other very hard for who will get the minutes," Eakins said. "The great thing about them is they are both very good people, theyre very supportive of each other already. We have two men who are high in character, highly competitive and highly supportive of each other and thats a real encouraging sign for me." Scrivens said he and Fasth have to "make sure our games are in order to give our team the chance to win. Vik and I are going to have people nipping at our heels, no question, and thats going to force us to play better, which is going to help the team." The Oilers hope to benefit from a more seasoned Eakins as well. One of the biggest lessons Eakins said he learned in his first season as an NHL head coach was dealing with the media in a tough NHL city. "I dont want to ever turn into a coach whos just going to give you that, yeah lets work hard today and give 100 per cent," he said. "But I did find out about how people can shorten your message and turn it into something else. "I learned many lessons, but my one lesson about bringing up everything that I learned last year is Im worried how it would be twisted so I learned not to speak so much." Last season Edmonton finished 28th in the 30-team league with a 29-44-9 record. 18:03ET 18-09-14 Wholesale Jerseys 2019 Wholesale Jerseys From China Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Black NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Camo Cheap NFL Black Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping ' ' '

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