Cigarettes are harmful, you

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Cigarettes are harmful, you are like my cigarette. As the saying goes, cigarettes fall in love with matches. However, you are a cigarette, but I am not a match, and I can't light you... Cigarettes are my love; cigarettes are my love; cigarettes, let me come out in pain; cigarettes, make me unable to quit; cigarettes, You are my cigarette! I don't know when, I slowly fell in love with cigarettes. However, I have never been a match and can't ignite you Carton Of Cigarettes. And you, you don’t mind staying by my side, but I don’t know when I will leave you, I can’t be by your side, I can’t talk and laugh with you, I can’t be with you It is very long. But you are always my poison, the cigarette that my cigarette can't quit, stay in my body, stay in my heart, stay in my body and mind Newport Cigarettes, stay in my life... you are my cigarette You are my poison, you are my love! Cigarettes are poisonous, like a bottle of poison, which makes me unable to forget, quit, and leave! You are the source of my life and the direction of my love! Gradually fell in love with cigarettes, even if I was not a match that lighted you; but, I have the heart to light you! I hated cigarettes at first, and gradually fell in love with cigarettes, fell in love with the smell of cigarettes, fell in love with cigarettes and matches! Sometimes I am asking myself, if I leave you one day, will I be lost, will my heart ache, will I cry? The poison is the source of my inability to leave! Everyone knows that cigarettes are harmful to health; I also know, but I can’t quit, because I can’t leave you, I will cry when I leave you Marlboro Red, I will feel heartache, and I will lose you like my cigarette, which inhales you And never forget you!
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