What is N95 respirator

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"As the coronavirus continues to make headlines, you may have heard suggestions about using masks in public places to stay safe. Although some cultures rely on masks to protect themselves from air particles related to pollution, some others Now rely on masks to protect yourself during the spread of this virus. Although not well known, N95 respiratory protective masks also play a key role in certain medical and industrial environments. The following is about masks and N95 gas mask Everything you should know.
What is a mask?
A mask is a kind of personal protective equipment. When you wear it on your nose and mouth, it can help protect you from certain air and liquid particles. This is a loose physical barrier and is considered to be single use and disposable. It is important not to share the mask with others. When you go to a dentist, doctor, or other medical professional, these people usually wear masks to limit contaminants in liquids and air.
What is N95 respirator?
Like masks, N95 masks are protective equipment worn on the nose and mouth that can block at least 95% of small particles (0.3 microns). Its purpose is to achieve a close facial fit, so it is not suitable for anyone who has facial hair. It is common to wear N95 respirators in industrial environments, because dust makes it difficult for people to breathe. Like the mask, the N95 is also considered a disposable device.
Mask and N95 respirator
The main similarity between masks and N95 respirators is that they are designed to protect the wearer from air and liquid particles. That is to say, due to various factors, the degree of protection is different. In addition, not everyone should use N95 respirators.
the size of granule
Masks help to block the contact of large particles (droplets, splashes, splashes, splashes), but they cannot block or filter small particles in the air. This means that it can effectively prevent any large particles of bacteria (viruses and bacteria), but it will not protect you from the actions of small particles such as coughing and sneezing. On the other hand, the N95 respiratory protective mask is designed to prevent small particles, which may be the right choice for people with increased risk of influenza or other respiratory diseases.
Suitable for
Finally, the suitability of the mask is also different from the N95 respirator. The mask is loose on your nose and mouth, while the N95 respirator is close-fitting. The fitting characteristics of the N95 respirator provide more comprehensive protection, but it still cannot guarantee the safety of illness or death.
Breathing capacity
Due to the close cooperation, the N95 respirator may make it difficult for patients with chronic respiratory diseases, heart diseases or other diseases to breathe. Therefore, the FDA recommends that you consult their medical service provider before use.
Masks, also known as surgical masks, are designed to block the spray of larger respiratory particles when someone sneezes or coughs. They protect the nose and mouth from accidental splashes of blood, secretions, and body fluids, and are commonly used in health care settings.
Wearing a mask prevents the user from touching the mouth with contaminated hands.
Face masks are disposable items and should not be worn for more than 8 hours. Studies have shown that the longer the mask is worn (more than 6 hours), the higher the risk of self-contamination of pathogens in the outer respiratory system of the mask. "

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