So that your email can be read!

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We are bombarded with emails. To get yours read, here are 40 ways to start an email to get attention from the start!

With the number of emails or text messages that we send every day as part of our job, it's hard not to feel like ramblers and to be somewhat original in our start.

Kat Boogaard of The Muse feels the same way. Annoyed by her own introductory formulas, the journalist decided to make a list of her best ideas ... and she shares it with you here!

If you need a formal introduction for your email
1. Let me introduce myself…

2. Good afternoon!

3. Good morning! (Criticized by purists of the French language, but hey…)

4. How are you?

5. Hope you are in good shape!

6. I hope you had a great weekend!

7. I hope you are well.

8. I hope you have a great week.

9. I hope you have a wonderful day.

10. Glad to hear from you!

11. I can't wait to hear your opinion on this ...

12. I am contacting you to ...

13. Thank you for your help.

14. Thank you for your return.

15. Thank you for this approach.

16. Thank you for this quick response.

If your email is used to follow up
17. As promised, I

18. As discussed during our call…

19. Could you give me feedback on…

20. I am contacting you to ...

21. I'm coming back to you for ...

22. To follow up after our meeting…

If you want to be more personal (appropriately)
23. Bravo for this great accomplishment!

24. How was this (recent project)?

25. Hope you enjoyed it (your vacation or this recent event)

26. I liked this (article-photo-sharing on social networks)

27. I laughed this week about (private joke)

28. I was just thinking of you and (shared memory)

29. It was great to see you at (event)

30. This (article-video-GIF) made me think of you

31. (Joint contact person) recommended me to signal you

If you're feeling fun, your email might start ...
32. Happy (not Monday)!

33. Hello on the other side!

34. Here's the good news: that (number) days before Friday.

35. I hope you survive this other week of work.

36. Hope you have already had your coffee

37. Again me!

38. I'll make it short ...

39. Sorry if this message cancels your "Inbox: zero"

40. Just what you want: another email!

Please note: each of these introductions is not suitable for all your contacts! Choose through these formulas, keeping in mind who you are talking to. Online Business Directory

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RE: So that your email can be read!

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Good information.

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