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When you''re shopping for your first home -- or any home for that matter -- it''s easy to get caught up in the excitement. And that''s only natural.

Buying a new home should excite you. But you also need to be analytical and realistic about the home buying process. After all Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , there''s a lot of money on the line.

Truth is, many buyers err on the side of emotion. In their excitement, they overlook aspects of a home or neighborhood that would normally turn them away. Next thing they know, there''s a contract on the table and earnest money in the bank. In short Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , they succumb to "The One" Syndrome.

What is this syndrome, and how do you know if you''re a victim? Here''s a test:

If, during your home buying experience, you''ve ever pulled up to a house and blurted "This is the one!" before even getting out of the car ? you''ve been a victim of "The One" syndrome.

There''s nothing wrong with feeling good about a house based on a first impression. Truth is Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , first impressions say a lot about a house, so they should be part of your decision-making criteria. But you must remain objective in spite of your excitement. Here''s why:

Emotion has a way of playing with our heads. A strong emotional reaction can blind you to other realities that would normally be crystal clear. In home buying terms, this means you might overlook serious flaws or disadvantages about a house as a result of your excitement.

Here are some tips to help you balance emotion with logic for a safer home buying experience.

1. Pretend you''re screening the house for a friend, not for yourself. This will help you remain cool-headed and business-like throughout your visit.

2. Another take on the friend approach is to bring a friend along with you. A friend can give you an objective viewpoint and might help you remember things about a house you wouldn''t otherwise recall.

3. Have a checklist before visiting each house. The list should include all the things you''re looking for in a house Wholesale NFL Jerseys , arranged by most to least important. Having them on paper will remind you to check the house for them -- even in a state of, shall we say, heightened emotion.

4. When you find a house you like, visit it more than once. You''ll be amazed at the things you notice the second time around Wholesale Cheap Jerseys , after your initial excitement has worn off.

Of course, if you''re in a seller''s market where houses sell quickly, you''ll have less time for the tactics listed above. But it still pays to be objective.

Home buying brings out all kinds of emotions. That''s only natural. But for something that affects your life so dramatically -- and so financially -- it pays to keep a cool head. And don''t worry, you''ll find "the one" soon enough.

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