Three-Man Weave muses about the fate of Kobe Bryant

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Three-Man Weave muses about the fate of Kobe Bryant, where the Hawks, Warriors and Blazers (in the absence of LaMarcus Aldridge) will end up and what’s ailing the Raptors. Jalyn Holmes Jersey . Hosts of TSN Radio 1050s 1 On 1 With Will & Duane, Will Strickland and Duane Watson, are aided by one third of Below The Hardwood’s web series, Dexter Arriola, as they question the mind of billionaire Mark Cuban on fan voting for the All-Star Game. As a result of his most recent injury, should Kobe Bryant retire? Strickland: Well, he has another $24-25 million reasons next season not to call it quits. Father Time has never lost despite Mr. Bryants most vehement protestations. With the threat on a third-straight season-ending injury looming, the end has never been more apparent. The Kobe Bean Bryant Retirement Tribute Tour 2015-2016 will be his last hurrah. Enjoy one of the best to ever do it one last time in an arena near you next season! Arriola: Kobe Bryant has had an illustrious career, thus far. Hes had numerous accolades and has solidified his name in the Hall of Fame. He has nothing left to us. However, Kobe being the competitor he is, still wants to prove he is the G.O.A.T. He has a year left in his contract. The Lakers should shut him down this year, bring in some talent and try again next season. Kobes body will retire before Kobes mind will. I would like him to retire from playing, but not from basketball. Watson: Should and will are two different things. The warrior in Kobe won’t let his career end on this note and I believe he will rehab and come back for one more season. He was able to perform at an elite level after his Achilles injury and has the same drive to do it again. He will go out on his own terms. The Hawks and Warriors have been the hottest teams in their respective conferences, do you think either has what it takes to make it to the NBA Finals? Strickland: Absolutely. Solid coaching, Sharply defined game identities driven by players who fully understand and execute their roles, unselfish, focused stars, diverse and deep benches, as well as the ability to win on the road against other elite talent in the Association are pillars of championship-level squads. That said, as is uttered weekly in #1On1, its not how you start - its how you finish. Who finishes the strongest could mark the beginning of a new era in the NBA. Arriola: These teams have a number of similarities that have them atop of their conferences. They play both sides of the ball, their ball movement is impeccable and they take care of business at home, which are all crucial components in the playoffs. The downfall of the Hawks will be their depth. Can their bench still play at a high level in front of a raucous crowd? Only time will tell. The Warriors will have a more grueling trip to the Finals. The inexperience of Steve Kerr will play a huge factor in the playoffs. I hope he took some notes playing for Phil Jackson. Watson: I like the Warriors chances, as they have competed in the West, but I question the Hawks playoff experience. They do all the things right, but the level of play in the postseason is something they have yet to experience, as they haven’t made it out of the semis in over 40 years. Mark Cuban thinks the NBA should do away with All-Star fan voting, not because of who was voted, but the amount of votes and lack of interest. Thoughts? Strickland: No. Fans help drive the visibility of the game, from the diehard to the casual follower of the league. Fan voting for the NBA All-Stars should be treated like the popular vote in US presidential elections: nice to see the numbers, but they dont mean anything. The NBA All-Stars should be voted upon by coaches, current players, a rotating executive selection committee of former players, who were also All-Stars, and certain media members like those guys who offer the world The News, Views and Truths on the NBA and beyond. Arriiola: The All-Star weekend was MADE FOR THE FANS. The voting gives the fans a direct interaction with the NBA. Though I think the fan vote has its flaws, there is really no way to impove it without disappointing the viewers. Other than Melo and Must See BG, the fans got it right this year. And yes, Kobe gets a pass. Watson: He has a fair argument. It’s now easier to vote than it’s ever been where a simple tweet or social media post is a part of daily activities, but only a 24 per-cent increase? The level or participation for the passion of the fans of game is not commensurate and we can finally get rid of the questionable starters getting voted in or the PR stunts. With the Raptors having won just four of their last 12 games, what concerns you the most regarding their play of late? Strickland: A lack of passion, focus and compete level necessary to remain in contention for playoff home-court advantage. While there will be an adjustment period for DeMar DeRozan post-injury, several of his teammates, especially Terrence Ross and James Johnson, will have to recalibrate their mentalities to help push the Raptors in the second half of the season away from a potential 2014 Indiana Pacers-like collapse after a fast and prosperous start to the season. Arriola: The Raptors spark from the first 25 games was extinguished on that west-coast trip. The intensity has gone down and their help defence looks perturbed. There are too many iso-plays and not enough ball movement. And they are missing shots that they usually make. Free throws, free throws, free throws. If this play keeps up, a trade is imminent. Watson: The inconsistency, whether it be on the defensive end, the offensive end or even the level of commitment on this squad. With each game, there is a hope they figure it out and, while they are still competing, they aren’t doing it a level that screams Eastern Conference elite right now. Will the Portland Trail Blazers miss the playoffs because of LaMarcus Aldridges injury? Strickland: No. Worse case scenario with Aldridge missing up to the next 26 games is that we find out how truly special Damian Lillard is and if coach Terry Stotts can really lean heavily on Chris Kaman, Thomas Robinson, CJ McCollum and Wesley Matthews to help keep the Blazers in at least the middle of the playoff pack in the West. Having Robin Lopez and the also-recently injured Nic Batum out of the lineup for an extended period of time along with Aldridge may be asking too much of this team, however. Arriola: Injury is nothing new to the Portland Trail Blazers. Unlike the Brandon Roy years, this team is much deeper and more versatile. The loss of LaMarcus Aldridge will force Terry Stotts to play a more up-tempo style. With young players

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