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It was too hasty to get married with Chaoning at that time. Other books were written by two people. The contents were not remembered in the past few years. Most of them were love words. But he did not remember any dowry. At that time, she took care of his injured leg and supported the whole family with one person's strength. The family had only some medicinal materials and barely lived, so when they got married, they only had Qinglong Guyu and nothing else. Seeing that he was confused, Li Chaoning sneered, and she took out another book from her bosom and handed it to him. In the old days, sweet talk was like a man's face was pale and he kowtowed to the ground. Chao Ning walked back to his side and knelt down: "Thank the emperor for his help. He gave me a dowry, and I gave him a piece of peace." The little eunuch presented the other book to him. Emperor Xingping didn't take it seriously, but when he looked at it carefully, his face changed. "Come on!" Above the hall, in front of Li Chaoning, Chang yuanshan was set up. Li Chaoning watched him being pushed down and only walked in front of him: "I gave you everything back to me. I didn't ask for it in front of your mother. It's enough to give you face. You and I will be strangers in the future. I don't want to meet each other." Half an hour later, Chang yuanshan, who had broken his leg and was dying, was sent back to Chang's home. The old lady of the Chang family fainted in fright and panic. Chang yuanshan was still conscious and asked someone to pay for a box of gold and silver and send it straight to the small courtyard. Shen Man, regardless of his infirmity, came to visit him wrapped in a turban and cried her heart out. Jade Ruyi was taken back,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and Emperor Xingping granted a house and a number of servants. Li Chaoning, as a female doctor, was also recruited into the Imperial Hospital, and the sun was about to set before leaving the palace. Back in the courtyard, Lin Shisan had already woken up. Earlier, he got a board, unexpectedly fainted,S Adenosyl Methionine, Chao Ning called Li Houhe Qingzhi at home to take care of, at this time hurried back, this person lying on the bed, a person is playing chess but to amuse themselves, the box sent by the Chang family is on the ground, there are a few more gifts in the house. Li Hou and Li Qingzhi both asked how it was, and Chao Ning did not hide it, lowering his head and saying it. She avoided her nephew and niece and came to Lin Shisan's bed alone. The man touched his bald head with one hand and was in trouble for a chess game. Listening to the footsteps of Chaoning, he did not look up. Between his movements, he seemed to touch the wound, and sometimes he grinned. Li Chaoning took the Maza and sat down in front of the bed. Thirteen saw that she had not moved for a long time before he looked up. I don't want to see it, but I was shocked when I saw it. The woman's eyes were red and swollen with tears. Lin Shisan laughed at once. "What are you crying for?"? Get back what you should ask for? Chao Ning nodded, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Kava Root Extract, "I'm coming back." He stretched out his hand to wipe his eyebrows and said, "It's good to come back. In the future, it's important to find a stepfather for Baoer as soon as possible." She didn't have the leisure to talk to him, and the thought that he had been beaten was not worth it. Seeing that the tears were about to fall down again, thirteen quickly stared: "Stop!"! What are you doing? "I knew it when I went there. I just wanted whatever benefits I could get. But when I saw him later, I thought about the beating you had suffered for me. If I didn't get it back, I would be unwilling. From now on, I will have nothing to do with them, and I will be calm." She bent over the bed and said thank you repeatedly, crying uncontrollably. Lin Shisan raised his hand and gently dropped it on her bun. "You're better than me. You still have a treasure. I've been thinking about it for so many years. I haven't even thought about it. Isn't it even worse?"? So don't cry, it's not your marriage, and then find the old moon to tie a red rope. Li Chaoning shook his head and said, "Brother Lin knows me best. I'm always alive. Yesterday I loved each other, but today I'm turning against each other. It's really boring!" He nodded, remembering his own sorrow, and pursed his lips. Dusk is always beautiful, Li Houcai cooked the meal, Baoer was sent back by Gu Lianchi, as soon as she entered the yard, she heard her cousin say that Uncle Thirteen was here, and hurried over. The setting sun in the west reflected the rosy clouds all over the sky. The little girl was still holding a brand-new nine-link chain in her hand. When she just went out for a stroll, Gu Lianchi bought it for her. He told her to solve the nine links when she had nothing to do, not to do anything else, and to study slowly and succeed. With this plaything, Boa walked briskly, inquired about Uncle Thirteen's address, and ran very fast.
When she got to the door and stopped again, she heard her mother crying and slowed down her pace. Chao Ning was still crying inside: "People's hearts are made of meat. I went to the capital to catch up with their backyard and saved Shen Man's mother and son. Chang yuanshan has a wife and a concubine. I don't want to go either. Why doesn't the old lady of the Chang family give up?"? It's nothing more than seeing that I have no one to rely on and bully in vain! "Isn't it all right now?" Lin Shisan exhorted? "We won't be angry with them if we get Baoer's household stickers in the future." Li Chaoning relaxed for a long time: "I am not angry, I just hate, I have always taught Baoer to be tolerant and magnanimous, not to be angry with some villains, but unfortunately I can not escape such vulgarity.". Even if his legs are broken, I can't get rid of my hatred. I wish I could kill him. We orphans and widows can also leave a clear name. Thirteen laughs: "Some people go, do not stay, do not stay, this is called." The woman did not open her mouth for a long time, but heard the man's voice coming out of the window word by word: "I really love Baoer. I used to think about it for her. What's her name? After thinking about it, I think our Baoer has grown up and wants to be iron-boned. It's better to call her Baozheng. If you don't mind, you can really let Baoer into my post. Lin Baozheng, how about that?" Li Chaoning did not know what to say,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but Baoer bent her eyebrows outside the window. She called Lin Baozheng twice in a low voice and laughed. The little girl was no longer in a hurry to go into the room to visit his thirteenth uncle. As soon as she turned around, she saw a weed growing out of the crack in the brick under the eaves of the window and pulled it up. The green weeds were placed on the bottom of the nose and turned around twice, which seemed to be fragrant and full of joy. Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 35 Chapter 35 The woman sat in front of the bed with red and swollen eyes.


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